Capacity building
Capacity building

Our capacity building – participation for the process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, processes and resources that organisations and communities need to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing world. Our capacity-building projects consist of communications strategy, improving recruitment youngsters and including them in different themes. We ensure within thoughtful leadership succession and improving the measures of the outcomes.

The world is changing and at the same time, young people find it difficult to seek motivation and find out what talents suit them. Regions are additionally challenged with different social challenges and especially young people can play an important role in this. For this, I4NATURE facilitates a location in the region where young people can be helped and where they can discover their talents with challenges in the region in, for example, healthcare or culture. Over 50 young people started working with their talent in this way in Vught. Therefore, the hub had the function of breathing new life into local heritage; organising a festival, forming a the company Young Nobles and working on Vught’s challenges. A win-win situation!

Youth World Food Day

Through our activation of Youth World Food Day we were filling a need to help a structure working for the World Food Forum to have national gatherings of youth to be connected to global UN processes on Food. We started a pilot World food forum the Netherlands, which is elevated by meeting on Youth world food day and inspiring other members states to follow this example and get youth to the global table.

Youth is triggered to engage in forming the landscape that once was portataited by Van Gigh, idenitfiying with him as a creative out of the box solution kind of guy. With 3 regions in Brabant we formed the Van gogh pioneers to facilitate the contribution of youth to the landscape and heritage of Van Gogh National park, from a youth perspective. We combine the energy of youth in this local areas, where we set up our own community of entrepreneurial youth working on the challenges of heritage, culture and landscape in Vught, the Young nobles .


While we were facilitating the taskforce for rural Africa initiatied by the cooperation of the European and African union, to engage youth in their research and advise. We were inspired to take on an action orientated follow up,picking the energy of several youth networks engaged. We founded Earth Young Food Soldiers, eyfs.life, in which we help youth in Africa to be inspired, by youth in Europe to take on the challenges in a way they seem fit in rural areas.


Groenpact national youth platform was formed in 2020 by the advocacy of I4NATURE to have the youth perspective involved in the important process of government, companies and research and education in the big green challenges in the Netherlands. After relevant research , proof of concepts in several fields and creating an enabling environment with the different stakeholders I4nATURE build this platform with youth in the dirver’s seat.