Meaningful consultancy
Meaningful consultancy

Getting your company’s DNA future-ready is essential to continue being a truly sustainable business. We are experts to advise and manage values and measure impact on the climate and environment. Such as sustainable food chains, healthy canteens, and think/act events.

Some examples of our Leadership Programs: 


Within the region of Brabant, the Regional government, province of Noord-Brabant asked I4NATURE how to structurally engage youth in the important social challenges of the region. Through an internal co-ceation process we were able to realise a work method on strategic events in the region, where young people were put in the driver’s seat and engage in the multistakeholder dynamics of different social themes. This was delivered in several programs during a.o. the Social Innovation week and the Dutch Design Week. One of the proud programs for which we layed the foundation for is agri meets design.


The Netherlands nutrition centre is working with schools in the Netherlands to enhance the participation of pupils and students to create a healthy school canteen. Based on the challenge I4NATURE set up with over 500 students in the Netherlands how to structurally get students to participate in schools. Based on the participatory research method we did research how from the student perspective this would be possible within the education system to structure this.