With the results from the research we conducted for the ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, we set up a lifestyle program for young people; the tasty green lifestyle experience. This program was run for three years by the ministry before we made it a program on its own. The program involved multiple partners at the top of the involved sectors as well as different schools to get a great amount of young people who joined the program. We organised several get-togethers and meeting but also events like the Zero Pop event.

What’s your nature

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This half year programme is for young people looking for a unique adventure to develop their inner leadership skills for new solutions. The programme is based on principles rooted in your own nature, drawn from indigenous peoples around the world. In a group, young people will explore nature and search for themselves. You will learn how to embrace and use your natural drives and challenges. What resonates with your own inner voice? Allow to take steps towards a life which fits you like your own skin.