In 2022 we will celebrate the 10th edition of the Youth World Food Day. This year it will be held physically on October 16 in Ede, the Netherlands and online so that young people from all over the world can join in. The program consists of several parts, from panel discussions between opinion leaders in our current food systems to challenges to create the most sustainable (ham)burgers. After 9 consecutive years of creating a successful event, we can proudly promise that this year will be an exciting, educational and above all very fun Youth World Food Day.

What’s your nature

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This half year programme is for young people looking for a unique adventure to develop their inner leadership skills for new solutions. The programme is based on principles rooted in your own nature, drawn from indigenous peoples around the world. In a group, young people will explore nature and search for themselves. You will learn how to embrace and use your natural drives and challenges. What resonates with your own inner voice? Allow to take steps towards a life which fits you like your own skin.